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discover your innate power

practical tools to manage your energetic state

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Hey Soul Fam

My name is Emily Gladys Toll

I am on the infinite journey to self mastery. Managing my energy & nervous system is the foundation of that. Having over 5 years worth of initiation into this world, I now teach others how to do the same. 


Being a Breathwork Facilitator, Akashic Records Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer, I live for the magic of creating space to witness deep transformation and Soul remembrance. I am not one to swim in the shallow end.


To those who seek it, I desire to give the permission slip they need to explore their Soul’s true essence beyond human conditioning, trauma and programming.

Coming soon...

The Magnetic Matriarch 2.O

Step into 2024 with deep reverence and intention.

Magnetic Matriarch is a journey for women ready to resurrect their True Feminine Power.


Accepting applications for Winter 2024.  

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Bloom: Earth Goddess Retreat March 2024

A four day women's retreat at Folk Tree Lodge, Bragg Creek, AB

Hosted with Emily Gladys Toll & Brittany Holburn

Nurture the buds of authenticity & clarity.

A journey of stepping into the thaw, where we can allow winter's introspection & collected wisdom to shine through.


Women's Full Moon Circle

We are closing 2023 with a beautiful full moon ceremony at with special guest @amandablairewellness this will be @emily.gladys and myself last in person event of the year.

We will explore:
Group Moon Reading from Amanda
Beyond Breath with Emily
Herbal Bath Tea Blending with Brittany
Gentle movement
And more.

So come join us for a beautiful opportunity to step into winter with clarity, love, compassion and connection.

Saturday November 25 2023


At the Yurt, Cochrane AB



These are the main pillars and tools I use to manage and raise my frequency;

Breathwork & Healy


1:1 Breathwork

A private 1:1 Ceremony completely dedicated to you. Use this time to meet yourself where you're at and envision where it is you'd like to go. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, physical illness, or if you're simply wanting to explore other powerful ways to connect to your Higher Self... the benefits of breathwork is literally limitless.

90 Minutes | $144CAD



The Devotion Ritual

A six part Ceremonial Investment completely devoted to you. Sometimes we can't shift out of years worth of trauma & conditioning within one Breathwork Ceremony. This six part series is designed to be flexible while holding you accountable to the practice & your own personal growth. Use this time to unearth stagnant energies & devote yourself to higher trajectories & timelines.

6x90 Minutes | Max. of 4 Months



Healy Curiosity Call

Healy is a wearable Micro Current & Frequency Device. The list of benefits from this New Earth Technology is way too long to name here & I could geek out on this for hours. So let's jump on Zoom, create beautiful conversation about everything Quantum, I'll show you all this little device does, introduce you to the business opportunity that's involved & let's see where we go from there!

90 Minutes | Complimentary



Shop Healy

Healy is a wearable Micro Current & Frequency Device. If you've jumped on a curiosity call with me or even if you haven't, but are ready for Healy to come in & activate your life, this is where you will make your investment. This link displays all the Healy editions, add ons, upgrades & subscriptions.

My Healy Store Front

Why Naturopathy

why is managing your energetic state important?

It can help with


Physical & Mental Clarity

Energetic Hygiene is a fundamental pillar to obtaining a clear body, mind & emotions

Regulated Nervous System

The health of your Nervous System determines your capacity for navigating and holding life


You become, what I like to call, un-fuckable with

Authentic Expression

The Vibration of Authenticity allows us to attract aligned experiences and community that are actually for us

Reclaimation of Power

You learn to recalibrate your power from within


You become magnetic to everything you desire


"When I met Emily, I was not coping with life despite having a robust roster of tools to work with. I had recently gone through the end of a 9 year relationship, work was killing me, and the stresses of current events were taking a huge toll on my physical and mental help. The breathwork devotional ritual with her completely readjusted my nervous system to allow me to process the trauma in my system in a deep, safe, and complete way. The spiritual growth and emotional healing has been incredible, and the positive, fun vibe she brings to the table makes it feels like you’re hanging with your bestie as your process some tough time. The trippy psychedelic effects and natural highs of the breathing were an added bonus! I cannot recommend working her her privately or in a group enough, it was the best investment I’ve made in myself in as long as I can remember!"

-Laura M.

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